An LGBTQ Disney Princess Could Be a Possibility According to Disney Directors

Celebrated Disney Directors Ron Clements and John Musker were recently asked in an interview with Huffington Post when Disney would feature its first LGBTQ princess. In response, Clements said, “It seems like the possibilities are pretty open at this point.”

The idea of an LGBTQ Disney Princess isn’t exclusively in the hands of Clements and Musker. Musker later stated, “It would be driven by a director or a directorial team that really wanted to push that and if John Lasseter (the Disney Animation’s Chief Creative Officer) liked the idea, but I would say we haven’t ever really (had) restrictions placed on what we’ve done.”

An LGBTQ Disney Princess would certainly redefine some people’s expectation of what a Disney Princess is or should be, but Clements and Musker seem to argue that the traditional definition of a Disney princess has already been starting to change with films like Moana, with Clements saying, “This is a different kind of story and a different kind of girl.”

Credit: Huffington Post
Image: Disney