‘Black Panther’ Rises to $400 Million in Domestic Box Office, $304 Million Internationally

Marvel's Black Panther has reached some pretty impressive numbers thanks to an immensely successful second weekend in theaters. The film, which follows superhero/monarch King T'challa and his exploits in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, has managed to rake in a total of $704 million worldwide at this point. Here is what Black Panther has accomplished over the weekend:
  • $108 million in domestic box office numbers for its follow-up weekend alone, putting it only behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($149 million) for second weekend earnings. The film only suffered a 46% drop from its opening weekend.
  • A grand total of over $400 million in domestic sales for its first 10 days. Black Panther has reached this milestone faster than any other film with the exception of, once again, The Force Awakens.
  • $83.8 million in overseas earnings for its second weekend, which is taken from about 83% of international markets where the film has debuted.
  • An international total of $304 million and counting.
  • Those numbers combine to give the film a worldwide total of $704 million, making it already the 10th most successful Marvel film to date, bypassing both Doctor Strange and Ant Man's entire runs.
Black Panther still has a few more markets to tap; it will be debuting in Japan on March 1st and China on March 9th. Source: Variety Image: Marvel

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