BREAKING: Massive Changes Coming to Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland

A recent Disney Parks Blog article about changes coming to Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris also mentioned changes to Pirates of the Caribbean in the Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom. The artist rendering shows massive changes to the iconic auction scene. Instead of the pirates auctioning off women (i.e. “We wants the redhead!”), it looks like townspeople will be forced to auction off a grandfather clock, a picture frame,  and goats, among other things. This massive change to the auction scene furthers Disney’s choice to make the attraction more “family-friendly.” Past modifications to the attraction include making the women chase the pirates, rather than the “suggestiveness” of the pirates chasing the women. These changes upset some, including Disney Imagineers like Francis Xavier "X" Atencio. In the book, Pirates of the Caribbean: From The Magic Kingdom to the Movies, Atencio said these changes “soften” the attraction, even referring to the changes as making the attraction into the "Boy Scouts of the Caribbean." Credit/Image: Disney Parks Blog

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