Disney Adds to Florida Anti-Gambling Contributions, $4.65 Million To Date

A constitutional amendment is making its way to Florida ballots this November that could have an immense impact on the future of gambling in the state. Amendment 3 would give Florida voters the "exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling," and last month Disney added another $105,000 in support of the political committee behind the bill, Voters In Charge. Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. contributed $200,000 to Voters In Charge in February and an additional $105,000 in March; at this point the media and theme park giant has spent a total of $4.65 million dollars in support of the committee and proposed amendment. If Amendment 3 passes — which requires 60 percent voter approval — gambling expansion within Florida's borders could prove much more difficult. It would limit the power of the Legislature and governor by requiring voter approval for any "casino-style games." Disney has a long history of opposing gambling in the state. Source: News Service of Florida

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