Disney CEO Bob Iger receives lower salary compensation in 2016 than 2015

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger’s 2016 salary total was down slightly from his 2015 salary. In 2016, he made $43.9 million; his 2015 salary was $44.9 million.

Disney filed paperwork this week with the Securities and Exchange Commission releasing these numbers.

The article states “Iger’s compensation includes a base salary of $2.5 million and a cash bonus of $20 million, along with stock and option awards. It also includes $282,831 worth of air travel and $869,476 in security costs.”

In spite of the company’s many successes in the movie studios division and others, Iger’s cash bonus was lowered because overall growth this year was not as high as the previous year.

Disney said that Iger “showed leadership in the exceptional success of the Company’s relaunch of the Star Wars franchise and the historic and successful opening of Shanghai Disney Resort.

Iger’s contract expires in June 2018; he is expected to step down at that time.

News source: Orlando Sentinel

Photo credit: ABC

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