Disney May Have Persuaded EA to Pull Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions

Electronic Arts (EA) has put a temporary stop to the in-game sale of virtual goods in its high-profile sequel to “Star Wars Battlefront” the night before the game’s launch. It's being stated multiple online discussion forums that EA is bowing to pressure from the Walt Disney Company along with customers fearing that big spenders could purchase an unfair edge over fellow players. According to the Wall Street Journal, Disney is applying pressure to EA with Star Wars: The Last Jedi hitting theatres December 13th. EA has been asking for a substantial amount of time and money in order to unlock certain heroes such as Darth Vader and they have been under massive attack because of it. The online opinion from the masses is that they already pay a high price for the game itself and gamers who have no issue with spending additional cash can gain unfair gameplay advantages called pay2win. Source: CinemaBlend

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