Disney Opposes Living-Wage Measure on Anaheim Ballot

Although the Disneyland Resort and cast member unions recently agreed on a contract to raise minimum hourly wages, a ballot measure in the city of Anaheim which aims to raise service employee wages is getting push-back from Disney and other local employers, including the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.

The opponents made their positions clear on Friday night, stating, “It helps very few workers while creating severe consequences that harm EVERY Anaheim neighborhood and resident.”

The measure would apply to large hospitality businesses who receive government subsidies. Opponents posed that this would dissuade businesses from operating in Anaheim and the city would need to reduce “city funds to pay for vital services such as police, fire parks and homeless support.”

The idea of the measure’s proponents is that “if workers get paid more, they spend more, lifting the economy for everyone.” They also bring up the estimated $600 million in tax subsidies the city will be dealing out in and around the Disneyland area over the next 20 years.

If passed, the hourly wage for affected employees would start at $15 an hour and would apply to all 30,000 Disneyland Resort employees. The recent contract between Disneyland and 9,700 workers represented by four unions would see minimum hourly wage for the cast members increased to $13.25 immediately, and then up to $15 in January.

No financial impact analysis of the measure has been made, as one would have to have been completed within just 30 days to be finished in time for the meeting. Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait had previously said, “I think we are better off doing no report rather than a wrong report.”

Voters will make their decisions on the measure November 6th.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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