Disneyland Paris Sued After Chef Causes 2nd Degree Burns to Guest

Erica Osbourne has filed a lawsuit against Disneyland Paris after suffering burns while dining at the Newport Bay Hotel Restaurant. The 37-year-old Bristol resident was the victim of a fireball that she says nearly hit her 10-year-old daughter Abigail during the preparation of a crème brûlée.

Here is how Osbourne describes the event:

“I had ordered the crème brûlée and Abigail had gone to get an ice cream when the chef lit the sugar and a massive fireball came across the counter towards me. I was so terrified that I froze to the spot but I remember an intense heat on my face. Abigail told me later that I was screaming ‘help me! I’m on fire’. My jumper and my face were on fire.”

In an effort to help her, Osbourne said a chef and another customer, “bundled me to the ground and rolled me around to put out the flames.”


Part of Osbourne’s hair and eyebrows were lost due to the incident, and she suffered 2nd degree burns and scarring. She claims that an employee told her the accident was “no different that falling off a bike”.

She received medical treatment by paramedics on site, as well as a trip to the hospital.

Mrs. Osbourne’s representation, James Griffin (Slater and Gordon), stated, “This was a terrifying incident that could have resulted in much more serious consequences.”

A spokesman for Disneyland Paris gave this statement: “Incidents of this type are extremely rare. As this is an ongoing legal issue which is in the process of being resolved, it would be inappropriate to discuss this further at this time.”

Source: BBC




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