Disney looking to add other studios to their digital movie service


According to bloomberg.com, the Walt Disney Company is working on including other “major Hollywood studios to join its Disney Movies Anywhere service.” The Disney Movies Anywhere service is a digital film locker that allows customers to “watch and store” films online from a single site. After purchasing a movie on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, etc. consumers can then store their purchase on the Disney Movies Anywhere service. Currently Disney Movies Anywhere allows consumers to store films under the Disney umbrella like Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, but Disney is looking to expand their service to include films from other studios.

Adding content from other movies studios has proven to be difficult for Disney. Other digital film lockers like UltraViolet support a service that is comparable to Disney Movies Anywhere. Currently UltraViolet hosts films from studios like Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Sony, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and many more. So, Disney has been challenged to bring other major studios over to their site when there are alternatives, like UltraViolet.

In the article by Bloomberg, Warner Bros. Chief Executive Officer Kevin Tsujihara said back in 2015 that “he hoped to connect the UltraViolet platform with that of Disney so consumers weren’t confused. You can do so while having separate platforms, but as long as it’s seamless to the consumer and the interoperability that we talked about is there.”

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