Five Must-Do’s on Your Disney Cruise

5) The Sail Away Party and See Ya’ Real Soon Show

Immediately following the mandatory lifeboat (or muster) drill, head direct to the pool deck for the Sail Away Party! This is the perfect way to kick off your vacation. Mickey and his pals will have your entire family even more excited for everything that is ahead. I will warn you that the Sailing Away song is pretty catchy, so you might have it stuck in your head even after your cruise is over.

Additionally, you will also want to see The See Ya’ Real Soon Show on the last night, as it is the perfect farewell to a great trip. Mickey and his pals, along with the Disney Princesses, give one final goodbye to guests before they disembark the next morning.


4) Splurge on Either Remy or Palo At Least Once

The food aboard Disney Cruise Line is delicious, even in the normal dining rooms, but Remy and Palo are on an entirely different playing field. Palo is an Italian fine dining restaurant that offers outstanding service, food, and atmosphere. Remy takes the service and quality of Palo to the next level, really supplying guests with a once-in-a-lifetime type of dining experience. These restaurants do come at an additional cost, but it is a great splurge for at least one night during your cruise. Remy is an additional $95 dining charge per person, and Palo is an additional $30 charge per person. Both locations do require that all guests are over the age of 18.


3) Live Shows in the Walt Disney Theater

The Walt Disney Company is known for their excellence in entertainment. Their live Broadway-style shows are no exception. These shows are top-notch, with performances that will blow you away! The set design, costumes, and talented performers all come together perfectly. While some shows are certainly better than others, you’ll want to make sure you get the opportunity to watch as many of the shows as you can.


2) Fireworks at Sea

No other cruise line has fireworks at sea. This is something that sets Disney apart and is something you really cannot miss. On my first Disney cruise, I was expecting some rinky-dink fireworks simply because we were on a ship in the middle of the ocean, but of course, Disney goes above and beyond. Obviously, this isn’t on the scale you might expect from the theme parks, but again, considering these are being launched off a ship I was very impressed. I suggest trying to find a spot on the starboard side of the ship for the best view, as that is where the fireworks are launched from.


1) The Rainforest Room in Senses Spa

I’ll start by saying there a ton of great options in the Senses Spa on the Disney Cruise Line ships. Unfortunately, many of these spa treatments cost a pretty penny. The Rainforest Room is an exception, and what I consider a heck of a deal at only $16 plus tax per person. The Rainforest Room is a relaxing combination of hydrotherapy Jacuzzis, tranquil mosaic-tiled lounging chairs, three steam rooms, and four different showers that offer different water temperatures and pressures. I could spend all day in the Rainforest Room, especially the mosaic-tiled lounging chairs, which I may or may not have fallen asleep in. This is the perfect getaway for parents who need a break from the family vacation and just need some alone time. Out of everything on this list, the Rainforest Room is probably my favorite.