Food options for Lunar New Year at California Adventure

The Disneyland Resort has released some of the new Asian-inspired menus for the Marketplaces that are coming to Disney California Adventure for this year's Lunar New Year Celebration. LunarFood05 This year's celebration begins January 20, 2017 and is bigger that ever, including three new Marketplaces and a full Asian menu at Paradise Garden Grill. Korea Marketplace LunarFood01
  • Kimchi Bokkeumbap - Kimchi-vegetable fried rice
  • Yachae Mandu - Steamed vegetable dumplings with sesame-garlic soy sauce
  • Yasik - Sweet rice and dried fruit cake
  • Banana Milk (non-alcoholic
  • Black Beer Stout
  • Hite Pale lager
China Marketplace LunarFood02
  • Xiao Long Bao - Pork soup dumplings with black vinegar and ginger
  • Luo Bo Gao - Turnip cake with sausage and oyster sauce
  • Egg Tart
  • Passion Fruit Green Iced Tea with Lychee Popping Pearls (non-alcoholic)
  • Tsingtao Lager
Vietnam Marketplace LunarFood03
  • Bang Chung - Sticky rice cake with pork
  • Chao Tom Voi Nuoc Cham Chua Ngot - Sugar cane shrimp skewer with sweet and sour sauce
  • Purple Sweet Potato Macaron
  • Ca Phe Da - Vietnamese iced coffee
Paradise Garden Grill LunarFood04
  • Japchae - Stir-fried vegetables and noodles with tofu
  • Galbi - Grilled beef short rib with steamed rice and kimchi
  • Cach Chien Ca Gion Ngon - Whole crispy tilapia with chili-lime vinaigrette and steamed rice
  • Pho - Beef noodle soup
  • Mango Pudding
  • Banh Khoai Mi Nuong - Cassava-coconut cake
  • Almond Milk Tea with Fruit Jellies (non-alcoholic)
  • Max Beer Lager
The Lunar New Year Celebration continues through February 5, 2017.   Source: Disney Parks Blog