ILM working on a boat ride for Star Wars Land?

Reports are coming out of this week’s Consumer Electronica Show (CES) in Las Vegas that Industrial Light & Magic is working with Walt Disney Imagineering on a boat ride that would include a giant projection screen and precision controlled boats.

ILM was the visual effects group created by George Lucas, which Disney now owns due to its purchase of LucasFilm, leading some to believe that the boat ride could be part of the upcoming Star Wars themed lands at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park.

Jon Snoddy, Executive Vice President of Imagineering said that the project that ILM and Imagineering are working on would be “unprecedented, in a way”.

“It will be a boat ride where the boats are controlled down to millimeters to precisely align them frame by frame to this ILM giant projection that will be able to determine where peoples’ eyes are to give a sense of depth in 3D.”

Disney is also working on a boat ride for an Avatar themed land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but with the ILM connection, a Star Wars themed project would make sense.

LucasFilm and Walt Disney Imagineering have made no official comment on the project.


Source: /Film, Business Insider


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