Introducing A Create-Your-Own Avatar at ACE Avatar Maker in Pandora – The World of AVATAR

There is now a new way guests can create an exclusive memento at ACE Avatar Maker inside Windtraders. Steve Miller from Disney Parks Blog spoke with Cody Hampton, merchandise product developer, who shared how this experience will work.

“We were inspired by the breathtaking AVATAR Flight of Passage attraction when designing ACE Avatar Maker,” explained Cody. “During the attraction, guests are connected with an avatar for first-person flight on a banshee over the moon’s incredible landscape. We thought guests would love to see what they actually look like as a human/Na’vi hybrid. Using a digital process, guests can now create and personalize their own 10-inch Avatar action figure.”


Guests will step into a cutting-edge transformation booth inside of Windtraders where they’ll be greeted by an Alpha Centauri Expedition Scan Technician who will use a state-of-the-art “facial capture scanner” and enter data into the Hybrid Digitizing System.


Once an image is obtained, guests will have four different body styles to choose from in both youth and adult sizes. Eye color, facial striping pattern, and hairstyle are also customizable.

The technician will share interesting details about the Na’vi throughout the experience, such as how the Na’vi naturally have yellow eyes; or the Na’vi gene for dark hair is so strong that it is always prevailing in creating an avatar.


Once you are finished customizing your Avatar, you will receive an ACE identification tag. You will use this memento tag roughly 30-minutes later at the ACE Avatar Maker Fabricator located inside Windtraders where you’ll receive your completed action figure. The packaging was inspired by the Amnio tank that you can see in the AVATAR Flight of Passage queue.

Four accessory sets will also be offered which can be used with the poseable action figures.


Reservations are required for this experience and can be made on a first-come, first-serve basis inside Windtraders.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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