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Is TRON Lightcycle / Run at Disney World Size-Inclusive?

Is TRON Lightcycle / Run at Disney World Size-Inclusive? tron-cast-preview

If you are asking yourself, “Am I too ‘fluffy’ to ride TRON Lightcycle / Run?”

The short answer is, most likely, you are fine.

As a larger guy, I’m constantly worried about the fit of new coasters. Disney has built most attractions like Expedition Everest and Slinky Dog Dash with ample room, whereas Universal is hit and miss.

Tron had me questioning the fit since I saw it on video from Shanghai. Riders basically straddle the cycle. While it seems similar to Flight of Passage, my friends tell me you are much more forward leaning with weight on your knees.

Is TRON Lightcycle / Run at Disney World Size-Inclusive? TRON-Lightcycle-walt-disney-world


There are test seats outside the attraction in full view of other guests. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to testing it, but I could see people of similar size being told they would need the back bench seat, which is more of a traditional coaster seat. I’d compare it to Expedition Everest.

There was a line of people waiting for the “bench seat.” As of this writing, only two trains have this particular seat. I’m told they plan for all the trains to be outfitted soon. I’m not sure if this was always in the plans or decided now that they see how many people need it.

In THAT seat, I was very comfortable and loved the ride. It was faster than I had anticipated and short but still impressive. The inside transports you with imaginative lighting and effects not to be missed.

Full Disclosure in that I am 320 pounds and 5 foot 8. Please understand that everyone is different, and weight distribution matters. I am confident that while some may not fit in the regular cycle seat, almost all will fit in the alternative seat.

Do not miss this fun experience if you are able to get to the Magic Kingdom. It opens on April 4th, 2023


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