Lucky Fortune Cookery at California Adventure Gets Major Menu Overhaul

Disney California Adventure chefs have given the menu at Lucky Fortune Cookery a complete makeover. The Pacific Wharf eatery has dumped its classic rice bowls for a menu that features Szechuan Chicken, Pork Ramen, and a Vegan Banh Mi. LuckyFortuneCooker0819-05 Disneyland Resort President Josh D'Amaro visited today to try out the new menu and had this to say:
Wow! The Beef Bulgogi Wrap, the VEGAN Banh Mi, the Pork Ramen... I tried it all. Big thanks to Chef Jeremiah and the team!
LuckyFortuneCooker0819-03 Here are the new entrees:
  • Teriyaki Chicken [$ 12.99] - with Sautéed Vegetables and Steamed Rice
  • Szechuan Chicken [$12.99] - with Sautéed Vegetables and Steamed Rice
  • Beef Bulgogi Wrap [$13.99] - with Garlic-flavored Chips
  • Vegan Bánh Mì [$13.99] - with Lemongrass-Cucumber Salad
  • Pork Ramen [$14.49] - Nori, Roasted Corn and Green Onion
LuckyFortuneCooker0819-04 Kids can choose from Chicken and Rice [$7.49] or a Kids' Vegan Bánh Mì [$7.99]. New side dishes include Chicken Wings [$7.99] with Korean-style garlic-serrano chili sauce. LuckyFortuneCooker0819-02 You'll find the full menu, include new adult beverage options HERE. Source: Josh D'Amaro / Disneyland