New Disney Patent Could Personalize Attractions Based on Emotions

The Walt Disney Company has filed a new patent on technology that is meant to customize a guest's experience on an attraction based on their emotions or on a pre-determined list of interests. The patent entitled "Sensing and Managing Vehicle Behavior Based on Occupant Awareness," would most likely be used on trackless vehicles that are controlled by WiFi, RFID or some other means.  Using the proposed technology, the attractions would be able to read a rider's face and change the intensity of movement, change the scenery, or redirect their view to improve the experience. Using MagicBands or some other way to identify guests, the technology could adjust the attraction based on their age or predisposition to motion sickness.  The technology could also adjust the speed or length of the attraction based on the guest's upcoming dining or attraction reservations. How Disney would use this proposed technology is not yet known, but keep in mind that Disney files a lot of patents and not all of them result in implementation of new technology.   Source: Orlando Business Journal

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