Orlando International Airport Shares Enhanced Protocols Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Orlando International Airport (MCO) has shared their readiness plans and additional measures that have been implemented in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Phil Brown, Chief Executive Officer for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority said of their efforts:
"It is critical for the Authority to do everything we can to not only safeguard our passengers, but protect our employees from this public health event. The airport's Emergency Management team has done an exceptional job detailing ways we can adapt existing response plans should COVID-19 begin to affect airport operations."
MCO has a installed hand sanitizer stations throughout the airport, not only in response to COVID-19, but also due to cold and flu season. They have also increased cleaning frequency in areas guests may touch often, such as handrails, elevators, seating areas, tables, restrooms, food courts, and airport shuttle buses. First responders have been provided Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment and MCO has advised the public not to be alarmed if they see crews wearing the gear. MCO has also issued an advisory to their employees asking them to stay home and seek medical attention if sick. They also shared precautionary measures, such as hand washing, with employees. MCO advised passengers to check with airlines regarding any flight changes or cancellations. Source/Image: Orlando International Airport

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