Over 12,000 Urge Disney Not to Leave Netflix in Online Petition


The DIS reported earlier this month that Disney would be pulling much of its content from Netflix as The Walt Disney Company would be starting their own direct-to-consumer streaming service in 2019. Since then, more details have been released and discussions between Netflix and Disney are beginning to sort out what the transition may look like, and what Disney content could possibly stay on Netflix.

Now a group of passionate Disney fans on thepetitionsite.com are urging Disney not to pull any of their content from Netflix. They argue that as consumers they won’t be able to afford both subscriptions, and that “the move might make business sense for Disney, which is eager to get a piece of the streaming pie, but the people who power these businesses should be taken into account.”

The cost of multiple subscription fees is starting to add up, and many are feeling the need to return to the pricey cable packages they thought they could escape. With Disney pulling from Netflix, some consumers feel there is no longer a “one-stop-shop” subscription service that can save them from having to foot the bill for cable.

As of August 23, 2017, there are over 12,000 signatures on the petition, and that number is growing rapidly. In the past, online petitions like this one have transitioned into “social media campaigns and even staged protests at companies’ headquarters.”

The Washington Post requested that Disney respond to the petition, but currently the company has not commented on the issue.

Credit: The Washington Post


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