Permits Filed for Coronado Springs Expansion Project


We have known for quite some time that Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort was getting some serious upgrades; thanks to some recent permits, we now know what the hotel’s future looks like.

Disney filed construction permits with the South Florida Water Management District regarding the Coronado Springs project. Although the plans confirm what they have already announced, they also give us a better idea of how everything will be arranged.

We know that Disney plans to build a tower overlooking Lago Dorado (the resort’s lake) that will be a respectable 15-stories-high and host 500 suites and concierge-level rooms. In the plans, we are able to see the exact location in relation to Lago Dorado, Buena Vista Drive, and the Convention Center.

First, here is the demolition area:


Here is a grading and drainage plan that shows the tower’s placement:


Disney has previously said that this expansion project would involve “floating gardens and an island oasis that connects the resort through a series of bridges.” Another grading and drainage plan shows us where that is located, and how the bridges and restaurant will be set up:



Source: South Florida Water Management District

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