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Vote on Privatizing Security at Orlando International Airport Postponed

After an hour of public input today regarding the option to replace TSA agents with private security at Orlando International Airport, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has decided to hold off on a vote for now. The board is delaying any decisions for 60 days, which will give them time to meet with Transportation Security Administration leaders in Washington D.C.

The GOAA stated that if issues with local TSA leadership are not resolved, it will proceed with filing an application to use private screeners.

A day prior to the meeting, Tuesday the 20th, a protest was held by TSA agents and other federal employees to express their concerns over the possible switch. The American Federation of Government Employees is a union which counts many TSA agents as members; at the protest, AFGE president J. David Cox warned of stepping backwards to the pre-TSA era of American travel, saying,

“I would remind folks that 9/11, four aircrafts were hijacked, three of them made their targets, and it was all because we had a privatized screening workforce, at every airport in this country. The American people said, ‘We want TSA’ “

The GOAA has cited lengthy checkpoint wait times and decreased passenger satisfaction as their motivations for the possible change.

Source: News13 (Central Florida)

Image: Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

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