Last Call for the Current Redhead Scene on Pirates of the Caribbean This Sunday

Last summer it was announced that the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in the Magic Kingdom would be undergoing a massive change in which the scene where the pirates are auctioning off the Redhead, among other women, would be transformed into something more family-friendly.  In the new scene, the pirates will be forcing the townspeople to auction off their valuables including a grandfather clock, a picture frame, and goats among other things, while the Redhead herself is now in full pirate costume. There was some pushback from a portion of Disney Parks fans, with attempts at creating a petition to stop the change, but it looks as if Disney has ignored those requests. Starting February 26, the attraction will be closed as the work on the scene transformation is carried out; meaning if you are a hardcore fan of the current auction scene you’ll want to head over to the Magic Kingdom before Sunday, February 25. The attraction is expected to re-open with the changes on March 19.

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