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I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle: 5 Ways to Stay Cute in the Heat at Disney World

I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle: 5 Ways to Stay Cute in the Heat at Disney World The DIS rsz_120210527_102705_original  Don't let the heat steal your sense of style!

It’s no secret that Florida is hot in summer, but what may be a shock when you are planning your Disney World vacation is that it is always hot in Florida. Sure, in the winter months it’s not quite Devil’s front porch hot, but it’s definitely toasty warm. You want to wear your cute Disney bounding outfits, style your hair so it looks cute with your Minnie ears, and wear nice makeup since you’re going to be in so many photos, but how do you keep from melting?! We’ve got you covered.

5. Setting spray

If you took the time to put on makeup, you want to preserve it! A simple setting spray not only feels refreshing when it’s applied, but also keeps your makeup from melting right off your face! Check out this setting spray to take on your next trip…


We need to take a side road to talk about a new Disney makeup must have!! You can actually buy a Mickey eyeliner stamp! You can place a tasteful little Mickey by your cat’s eye or even jump on the freckles trend with a Disney twist! Excuse me while I go freak out about this a bit…

4. Baby powder

Plain and simple, heat causes sweat, and baby powder absorbs sweat. Baby powder up in all of the places before the parks. True story: My husband laughed at me for powdering between and under my “ladies” and on my legs. Wouldn’t you know that the next day I caught him stealing my baby powder?!

Order a bottle now to have it delivered to your resort with Amazon…

3. Chub rub stick

Chafing happens. It doesn’t matter what you wear; those little red bumps of doom really kill the Disney vibe! A few passes of antiperspirant between the thighs does the trick, or if you’re really worried, go for a stick designed to prevent chafing like the Chub Rub Stick. Get it here…

I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle: 5 Ways to Stay Cute in the Heat at Disney World The DIS person with coffee-min
<em>Start off the day with an iced coffee Just twist my arm<em>

2.  Cold drinks and treats

This goes without saying; eating cold treats and drinking lots of water will cool you down from the inside out. Most quick service restaurants offer free ice water to help prevent dehydration. Other great cool treats are Dole Whip, Orange Swirl, ice cream at the Plaza, milkshakes at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies, and of course, classic Mickey Premium Bars! If you need any more encouragement to snack, here it is!

1. Cut through stores to avoid crowds and soak in air conditioning

A lot of people don’t realize that many of stores are connected or can act as a shortcut through lands. This hack isn’t about the shortcut, it’s about the blast of ice cold air conditioning. Walk in, pull that hair off your neck and soak it all in! Sometimes that little blast here and there is all you need to fluff your skirt and twirl down Main Street to take a cute photo for Instagram. 

Speaking of skirts, check out this adorable skirt perfect for Disney bounding AND it has little shorts built in to help with the thigh rub!

What other tips should be added to the list? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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