20 Questions Before You Choose Your Disney Hotel

Many of us have booked hotel stays multiple times. Whether visiting family, traveling for work, or getting away for the weekend, we have completed the fairly straightforward process with little difficulty. But when it comes to booking Disney Resort hotels, we fret and fuss and lose sleep and ask strangers for advice on discussion boards. And yes, Disney calls them resorts but they also call the entire complex the Walt Disney World Resort. So to avoid any confusion, I will refer to them as Disney hotels.

Here are 20 questions to ask yourself before losing sleep over choosing your Disney hotel.


  • Thinking about what you want to see and do, how does your hotel fit into that equation?
  • Do you plan to be at your hotel to do more than sleep?
  • Is the pool a major part of your vacation?
  • Do you prefer food court dining or plentiful options of table service dining?
  • Would you like a condo-style hotel that provides a kitchen and a living room in your unit?


  • Would you rather stay more days or have a hotel with more amenities?
  • Will a less expensive hotel give you the opportunity to experience restaurants that you might otherwise skip for budgetary reasons?
  • Would you like a unit with a kitchen to save on food expenses?


  • Are you of the mindset that time is money?
  • Would you like to be within walking distance of a variety of entertainment and dining options?
  • Do your needs only require buses to and from the Disney theme parks?
  • Would you enjoy the ability to get to other destinations via boat or monorail?
  • Do you need easy access to your hotel for mid-day breaks?


  • Is the feel of a hotel important to your vacation?
  • Do you want to be immersed in magic even when away from the parks?
  • Would you prefer the atmosphere of an African Savannah or the Pacific Northwest or some other locale?
  • Do you want to see fireworks or Cinderella Castle from your unit?

Hotel Refurbishments

  • Will it bother you to have construction occurring at your hotel?
  • Do you mind if the main pool is closed during your stay?
  • Will limited food options be a problem?

If all the Disney hotels were as basic as the major chain hotels, the selection would be much easier. But fortunately, each hotel offers unique options, themes, and services that cater to a variety of tastes and budgets. None of the hotels are the best option or the worst. You know yourself best, and what makes you comfortable when traveling. Taking some time to assess your needs will help you find the right resort for you!

Have you already found your perfect resort? Let us know which one and why!

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