4 Things Most People Forget To Pack For A Day At Walt Disney World

Even Disney experts make mistakes. There are plenty of articles out there with what to pack for a fun-filled day at Disney, but there are always must-have items missing from these lists. I am a die-hard Team Fanny Pack member, but I always make room for what I can fit from this list.

Stainless steel straws

You may or may not know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a zero tolerance policy on plastic straws, and that Disney has completed a plan to ban plastic straws. Even if you try to bring in a drink from another park, a cast member will ask you to throw it away. While I’m all in support of this, the paper straws that they offer in lieu of plastic ones are the absolute worst. They disintegrate in your mouth and make everything taste like paper. Save yourself the trauma and bring a stainless steel straw or cup with a built-in straw. It’s easier on everyone, and on the environment.


After a long day out in the sun at Walt Disney World, more than likely with screaming people, lots of loud noises, and sometimes wearing too-tight Mickey or Minnie ears, a good painkiller can change the game. I always pack at least a few Advil with me, just in case. It’s also helpful for those people in your party with motion sickness tendencies or frequent headaches. Since it’s not something you automatically think of when packing for a trip to the happiest place on earth, it deserves a place on this list.


Extra pair of socks/shoes if it rains
Depending on your preferred Disney-approved footwear, this tip may or may not apply to you. If open-toed sandals are your go-to, you should be fine. I, and many other park goers, choose to wear tennis shoes. Since it’s Florida, the likelihood of it raining at least once during the day is very likely. It might just sprinkle for a half hour or so, but that is still enough to soak through your sneakers and make your life miserable. I also highly recommend packing an umbrella or other rain gear. No one likes paying outrageous prices for plastic ponchos that only get used once.


Phone charger
In this day and age, it’s almost dangerous to be left without a phone. You could get lost or find yourself unable to reach the rest of your party if your phone dies while you’re in the parks. It’s always handy to keep a phone charger or an external battery on hand, even if you don’t think you’ll use it. The My Disney Experience app tends to use a lot of battery, and you won’t be able to easily use the app to get FastPasses if your phone is dead. You can also use the FuelRod kiosks located throughout the WDW parks to purchase and/or trade in FuelRod external batteries.

What item(s) would you add to this list?

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