Could New Avatar Movie See a Re-Imagining of Na’vi River Journey?

Could Avatar 2 Inspire a Re-Imagined Na'vi River Journey? pandora-navi-river-journey-full-boat-16x9

When you think of Pandora: The World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, most fans would be reminded of the beloved attraction Flight of Passage or the distinctively beautiful bioluminescence display that lights up the area at nighttime. However, one attraction doesn’t come to mind as the most memorable experience: Na’vi River Journey. If you have not experienced it, think of a relatively calm boat ride reminiscent of EPCOT’s Living with the Land, which features one very impressive animatronic. While there isn’t anything wrong with the structure of the attraction, it’s short-lived and doesn’t have enough wow factor in making it feel worthwhile.

Reading all the hype about the new Avatar: The Way of the Water movie, I started thinking this might be a gateway for Disney to make some changes to this two-ride land that evens out the impressiveness scale. Obviously, I have not yet seen the film. However, the title lends itself to the idea of water easily incorporating itself into a retheme of the current Na’vi River Journey attraction. With a heavy lean on fancy new technology, could this be the refresh this attraction needs to bring it up in the popularity stakes? Of course, the ride won’t be transforming into a thrilling adventure any time soon, but there is so much that could be done to bring some of the latest movie themeing and storylines into the Pandora area of the park.

Would you like to see a new take on the Pandora boat ride?

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