DISNEY PARK PICS: Animal Kingdom at Christmas

A big thanks to DIS In-Park Volunteer Josh Flowers for the images!

As Disney fans know, the theme parks and resorts are all dressed up for the holidays and each location has ornaments and décor that has been created specifically for its unique atmosphere.

The way Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is decorated is so well done with lots of handcrafted pieces that feature some of the animals who call this theme park home.

Take a little stroll through the images below for a taste of what the park is like then watch the most recent Best & Worst of Walt Disney World video as Deni and Ryno attempt to figure out which land is the best one in this beautiful park.

Beautiful garlands are adorned with holiday ornaments at the front entrance of the park.

This colorful backdrop makes for a great spot to take a photo and features the beautiful winter animals we saw in puppet form during the 2019 holiday season.

These snuggling owls might be my most favorite of all!

Stay tuned for more photos of the Christmas decorations at this theme park that will be posted in the next week!