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REVIEW: Animal Kingdom’s New Everest Base Camp Macaroon

REVIEW: Animal Kingdom's New Everest Base Camp Macaroon Everest Base Camp Macaroon

A new snack has debuted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and if you’re someone who can’t wait to have a Matterhorn Macaroon when Disneyland reopens, you may just have something to tide you over.

REVIEW: Animal Kingdom's New Everest Base Camp Macaroon Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks

Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks, located at the foot of Expedition Everest, is now offering the Everest Base Camp Macaroon for $5.99. Let’s address the obvious first: this snack is huge! It’s already earning brownie points (or, in this case, macaroon points) and we haven’t even taken a bite yet! The treat is described as being “Everest-sized,” which is exactly right!

REVIEW: Animal Kingdom's New Everest Base Camp Macaroon macaroon from top

It’s a chocolate and coconut macaroon with a “snowcap” of white chocolate. It’s crowned with a snowfall of clear sanding sugar and the base is dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in green tea chocolate crumbs.

This snack tastes as good as it looks. If you like a great macaroon, this will float your boat. It’s chewy and sweet, while also letting the toasty taste of the coconut shine through. The addition of chocolate is just perfect, and reminded me just a bit of Cocoa Krispies. Everyone loves Cocoa Krispies, right?

REVIEW: Animal Kingdom's New Everest Base Camp Macaroon interior base camp macaroon

The white chocolate snow cap and coarse sanding sugar provide additional texture and, of course, sweetness. And the green tea chocolate crumbles are mild, and add a pop of color.

My overall thoughts? This is a must-eat. If you’re looking for a completely social media-worthy Disney treat with big flavor and value payoffs, this is the one for you. It’s completely yummy.

REVIEW: Animal Kingdom's New Everest Base Camp Macaroon Macaroon sign

When you approach Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks, one line is for beverages, and the other is for snacks. Look for the counter with the pretzel warmer and that’ll be the line for you.

REVIEW: Animal Kingdom's New Everest Base Camp Macaroon base camp macaroon in container

One last word of warning: if you’re enjoying the Everest Base Camp Macaroon on even a slightly warm day, the green tea chocolate crumbs will melt. I looked down at my jeans after enjoying one of the peaks of the treat, and I had managed to get green tea crumbs all down the front of my left leg. Don’t ask me how I managed that because I have no earthly idea. Just keep an eye on those little babies.

Have you tried the Everest Base Camp Macaroon? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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