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Armchair Imagineering a New Theme for Galactic Starcruiser

Armchair Imagineering a New Theme for Galactic Starcruiser marvel-day-at-sea-all-stars-800x445 Marvel at sea Marvel at sea

It’s been a busy day down here in Sydney, filled with many hours shuffling the kids around to their sports and after-school activities. That is when my mind starts to wander and daydream about things that spark my creativity to help break up the monotony of various teenagers throwing their questionable-smelling items in and out of my car all afternoon. This week, I thought you might like to join in on my little armchair Imagineering session as I contemplate how I would retheme the reportedly disastrous Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Resort.

It’s a concept that would always suffer the skeptic-colored glasses simply by the nature of an new, all-encompassing resort experience. However, it faced an even rockier start thanks to the delays and park closures brought on by the pandemic. The Star Wars-themed resort caters to a very specific audience, a niche within a niche, where a high price is willing to be paid for an immersive, audience-participation style experience that relies on a suspension of disbelief. Additionally, an acceptance of spending Disney parks money without spending much time in the actual parks.

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The experience has proved to be flawed, perhaps slightly too narrowly focused on the market willing to accommodate all the extra expenses to make the most of their stay, like elaborate costumes. Sales are down, and Disney is showing signs of needing to make significant changes to resuscitate the venture. Enter my fictional (armchair) Imagineer title, where I will take the liberty (uninvited) of retheming this resort for Disney.

I’d likely try to work with some of the theming that already exists at the resort; after all, Disney doesn’t have the money to start from scratch after a troublesome beginning. It will need to be something a little more family-friendly that appeals to groups and families with younger children just as much as an adult crowd. And that is when it hit me. Marvel.

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A Marvel Avengers Resort theme would allow for a wide variety of characters and a massive expansion on the market familiar with them. Kids and adults alike would be excited to come and stay in themed rooms, dining and enjoying immersively themed areas reminiscent of everything from Star-Lord’s ship, the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy to Tony Stark’s Workshop from Iron Man. Everything Marvel Cinematic Universe could live here with seasonal events and even special weekends themed with specific characters or film franchises. As a bonus, the concept has already proved popular in Disney Cruise Line ships, encouraging a continuation of the theme into the parks.

I could go on forever about restaurant menu items for families and escape room-style challenges that could be pitched for corporate team building. There would be no excuse not to stay in my MCU resort! But, now I am more interested in hearing your ideas. How would you retheme the Star Wars resort?

Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. Since her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney Parks and traveling around the world.

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