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Arriving Early At Magic Kingdom

I never realized the importance of getting to the Magic Kingdom early.

When my family and I take a trip to Walt Disney World, we like getting to the parks in time for our breakfast reservation or just when we can get up ready and dressed. We make the most out of our vacation and like staying as late as possible.

But a few years ago, and yes it was only a few years ago, we decided to get to the parks at opening.

Walt Disney World before the park opens 3

Not only get to Magic Kingdom when it opens, but get there before.  To do that we scheduled our first breakfast at the Crystal Palace.  At the time, my daughter was quite small so not only did we want to be in a somewhat empty park but we wanted to try and see if she could wake Tinker Bell up!  I believe it was at a shop next to the castle called Tinkerbell’s Treasures. It’s now called something else, but at that time, if you were one of the first to arrive you had a chance to wake up Tink.

So, we got up early to get to Magic Kingdom before rope drop for our reservations.

Walt Disney World before the park opens 1

That’s really why we were arriving early, to be at the park before opening and rope drop so we could possibly get to wake up Tink.  But as soon as we walked into the park that day I noticed so many things I have never seen before. As you know, when you walk through the parks you are walking with thousands of people. You really never get to stop and look around, because we are so busy trying to get into the next show or the next ride.

Walt Disney World before the park opens 4

Like this sign- I have never noticed this before. I know this sign may seem insignificant to some, but it’s the little details like this that make Magic Kingdom so special.

Walt Disney World before the park opens 2

Getting close to the Main Street transportation car for a quick shot.

Walt Disney World before the park opens 9

I had never noticed this before: some of the shops look so different when they are closed. And when looking at it through a different eye, not just walking past this, you see the details how it looks like an old store in a small town just as Walt wanted it.

Walt Disney World before the park opens 10

You will never see this area vacant while the park is open, so I really enjoyed looking at the details on this building. We all know how we normally just walk on by, never really looking at it or the details.

Walt Disney World before the park opens 20

It’s a great time to get a photo of your family or your children, like this fun photo of my daughter standing in front of the castle with no one around!

Not all of the park is open at this point. Each area is roped off, but you can still walk around some of the park and enjoy the details. Have you walked through the castle and really looked around?

Walt Disney World before the park opens 22

This is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Taking a shot like this is impossible once the park is open and full of people. So, I bet you are wondering if we were able to get to rope drop and get to Tink’s Treasures to wake her up? Well, yes we were very fortunate and my daughter was able to do just that. A magical day for sure.  Not only did my daughter wake up Tink, but she also received a Tinker Bell pin too!

Make sure you take at least one day out of your trip to the Magic Kingdom and arrive early, make reservations for breakfast and really enjoy looking around.

It’s part of the magic and experience that you will never forget!

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