Characters I Wish We Could Meet in the Disney Parks

With character meet and greets currently on hold in the Walt Disney World theme parks, I find myself dreaming about hugging Mickey once more and twirling with Cinderella, but there are plenty of characters that I cannot meet, and it makes me a tad sad. While I understand the logistics of certain characters not being able to meet their adoring fans, there are a few I wish I could chat up and dance with.

My trumpet skills may be a little rusty but I would love to have a pretend jam session with Louis from The Princess and the Frog. While you have been able to see him in Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, it would be a joy to get his autograph. I’m sure Louis would be a sassy meet and greet with a fair bit of dancing.

Flynn Rider
Who knew, right? Well, I am sure that many of my Tangled-loving friends would agree with me that Eugene needs some love. It is always a highlight to see him flying high above the crowd in the parades, but why not a meet and greet in the parks? You can find him but only if you are willing to shell out the money to eat at Trattoria al Forno. I would love to see a couples interaction with Rapunzel as well.

Move over Moana

When Moana first came out, many found themselves belting “How Far I’ll Go,” but for me, I was trying to keep up with the rapping in “You’re Welcome.” Maui was hands down my favorite character in that movie and I would love to flex in a picture with him and comment on his flowing hair. It would also be cool to test out his hook!

Bring back the villains! While I understand that the villains are a tad frightening for the younger guests, I would love to see more villainous action in the Magic Kingdom. My girl Maleficent should get some more love!

Who would you like to see in the parks?