Construction Update on the Moana-Inspired Journey of Water Attraction at EPCOT

During D23, EPCOT was briefly mentioned, and I was hoping for the opposite. I was hoping to get a firmer timeline of when EPCOT will be finished, but instead, all we got was that this project would end in late 2023. Meaning another year of walking around construction walls.

Even though we don’t have a firm date, it’s easy to see the project is progressing and is starting to become visible to guests in the parks. Let’s take a little peek at how much progress they have made on the Journey of Water section.

While walking near the The Seas with Nemo and Friends and The Land you can see scaffolding emerging behind the construction walls.

Now this may not seem too exciting or breath taking but the view from the monorail is. From the monorail you can see the construction for not only Journey of Water but also for Dreamer’s Point and the rest of World Celebration. For those wondering Journey of Water is taking up the land that used to be in front and to the left of the former Starbucks. Let’s take a look at those monorail shots, shall we?

I hope these photos get you guys excited for this walk-through attraction that will be opening in late 2023. Seeing progress like this makes me happy and excited because I can’t wait to step into space. I really think this area is going to be fun for the entire family and will be a great spot for Moana to have a meet and greet, which I really hope they do. In my opinion, I think this area could be open by Thanksgiving of 2023, just from what I saw while on the monorail.

Based on these photos, when do you think in late 2023 this area will open?

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