Costume Guidelines for Mickey’s No-So-Scary Halloween Party

Costume Guidelines for Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Party The DIS lawrence-crayton-aIJqlllu5b4-unsplash

If your dream is to wear your favorite character costume to Disney Parks, usually the answer would be a flat-out no! We all know the rules when it comes to dressing up for the average Disney day; if you are 14 or older, costumes are a no-go.

In recent years, Disney Bounding has been pushing the boundaries when it comes to what we can wear to the parks that aren’t a direct representation of the character’s outfit, i.e., a Cinderella dress, and more an outfit that is inspired by the character of their storyline; like a blue fit and flare dress with a fancy bun. Still, for many of us, that moment to live vicariously through the appearance of your favorite character in the parks remains unfulfilled. Unless you are heading to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom.

Costume Guidelines for Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Party The DIS aiden-craver-PTqcSpfDaaQ-unsplash (2)  Photo by <a href="">Aiden Craver</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by <a href=httpsunsplashcomslaidenutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Aiden Craver<a> on <a href=httpsunsplashcomutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Unsplash<a>

Even though costumes are allowed for this after-hours event, there are still a few guidelines you need to be aware of. Let’s go through them together to make sure none of us end up on the wrong side of Disney security.

Guests 13 and Under
For younger guests, the options are relatively limitless, with the only requirement being that all costumes and masks must allow for ‘unobstructed peripheral vision’ without exception and that the eyes can be fully seen through the openings.

In a separate piece of advice, keep practicality in mind when dressing up your little ones. Stick with layers so they don’t overheat, and leave the princess heels and uncomfortable shoes at home unless you want to carry them all night long.

Costume Guidelines for Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Party The DIS haley-phelps-8CZDAq41tIE-unsplash (1)  Photo by <a href="">Haley Phelps</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash

Guests 14 and Over
For those fourteen and over, limitations are a little more detailed but still more flexible than on an average day in the park. Here are a few restrictions you need to keep in mind:

  • While dressed as your favorite character, you must never pose (with guests) or give autographs at any time.
  • The usual family-friendly rules apply where your costume must be appropriate for the environment and not be anything objectionable.
  • Even if your costume would look more authentic with it, no weapons or weapon adjacent lookalike accessories are allowed.
  • Your costume must not have anything sharp or pointy that could injure another guest or, let’s face it, yourself.
  • Additional security screening might be required if your costume includes elaborate layers. The concern there is that you might have something uncool concealed underneath.
  • Costumes are not allowed to drag on the ground, so be sure to hem those princess dresses for your safety and convenience when venturing around the park. No princess wants to trip over their own dress.
  • Adding a cape to your outfit? Keep it short, no longer than the waist.
  • You can add costume headwear, like wigs, hats, accessories, etc., as long as your face isn’t covered. 
  • Adults and Teens are not allowed to wear masks of any kind. Get creative with face paint or makeup.
Costume Guidelines for Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Party The DIS michael-marais-1VV1MRafd7A-unsplash (1)  Photo by <a href="">Michael Marais</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Michael Marais on Unsplash

If you aren’t sure if part of your costume will be acceptable, make sure you have a backup plan. Guests will be allowed to modify their costumes if deemed to be inappropriate, which means making sure that questionable accessory or item is removable, just in case.

Basically, don’t show up looking like this guy above and expect to make it through the gates. Be prepared to lose the mask, hood, and weapon to make it in.

What will you be wearing to the 2022 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party?

Feature Image: Photo by Lawrence Crayton on Unsplash

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