A Close Look Inside AbracadaBAR at Disney’s BoardWalk

A Close Look Inside AbracadaBAR at Disney's BoardWalk ABL309824 (600x300)

Now in soft opening at Disney’s BoardWalk, AbracadaBAR is a magician’s delight. Nestled between Trattoria al Forno and the newly re-imagined Flying Fish restaurant, this heavily themed cocktail lounge transports guests back to the golden age of enchantment and illusion. I had the opportunity to stop by the bar last week and can assure you that Harry Houdini would definitely approve.


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According to boardwalk lore…

This little lounge was a former stomping ground for the famous magicians, boardwalk illusionists, and lovely magician’s assistants of the Golden Age. After a show, prestidigitators would gather to “conjure” up new cocktails, swap magic tips and tricks, and stay up all night attempting to “out-charm” each other with their extraordinary illusions…it was on just such an evening that every single magician in the lounge vanished into thin air, and was never seen again …

Now, after sitting vacant for nearly seventy years, the secret magician’s lounge is now back in the spotlight and making its world debut as “AbracadaBar.”

Creative backstory, right? Well, the Disney Imagineers definitely took this tale to heart when transforming what was once BoardWalk’s Seashore Sweets into this entertaining location. Upon entering, guests are immediately immersed in another time and place. Enchanted show posters, mystifying mirrors, and vintage props of the vanished magicians and illusionists adorn the walls.


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This is where the fun really begins. Be sure to take a close look at the various props, displays, and even wallpaper that you see. There’s a surprise at every corner. Those show posters, for example, change ever so slightly over time. The knick-knacks – including keys, locks, magic wands, coins, books, and mirrors – scattered throughout have some interesting details as well, but I won’t give away their secrets. My favorite, though, has to be the wallpaper. Look closely. Notice anything? Think like a magician and you might notice one yourself along with playing cards, doves, rabbits, interlocking rings, and handcuffs. It truly adds to the feeling that the Golden Age illusionists still linger here even if just by spirit.


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It’s also worth a trip to the restrooms to see the black and white photographs on the hallway walls. They feature magicians in their prime. There’s even a set of framed playing cards and a mystical mirror. Once inside the restroom, the theming continues. Be sure to listen carefully for the sounds of a magic show happening in the distance!


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Seating options at AbracadaBAR include high top tables, bar stools, and booths. There’s also a fabulous couch and table area tucked near the front window. I can imagine many guests will be staking out this spot.


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The menu features both alcoholic and non-alcoholic signature cocktails along with a selection of wines, beers, and hard sodas. As you can imagine, many of the offerings add to the ambiance of the setting. The Conjurita, for instance, is just one of them. It is a “colorful Margarita that never reveals its secrets” and poured right at your table where a bit of magic changes its color from a dark purple to a light one right in front of your eyes. Elixir 13 is another favorite and a “mysterious cocktail that may have made a room full of magicians vanish into thin air.” Be sure to check out the not-so-obvious eyes staring back at you while enjoying this licorice-flavored drink.


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Served with every drink is a fantastic concoction of curry-dusted popcorn and chickpeas. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this! The curry flavor was not overpowering and the chickpeas were wonderful. Note that the popcorn is the only food item offered at AbracadaBAR, something I learned the hard way. This is the only fault I had with the venue; all of the other themed lounges on property have tapas menus. I assume this is due to AbracadaBAR being connected to its neighboring restaurants, but be warned: both of them close at 10 PM and the bar closes at midnight. Make sure you eat before visiting.


Even the smallest of details suit the theming of AbracadaBAR.
Ask your server to perform the “Flying Coaster” trick.


All in all, AbracadaBAR is a great addition to the Walt Disney World Resort. It offers a unique atmosphere for a break from the busy theme parks. What do you think? Do you plan to visit? Let me know in the comments below!


A Close Look Inside AbracadaBAR at Disney's BoardWalk Nikki Mancini Nikki Mancini

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