A Review of this Year’s Halloween-Inspired Treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a new lineup of Halloween-inspired treats, and last week, Ryan Clavin and I stopped by to try them out.


Our first stop took us down Sunset Boulevard to Sunset Ranch Market. Both Catalina Eddie’s and Rosie’s All American have a featured Halloween-inspired snack, and both sell for $4.99.


At Rosie‘s All American, guests will find the Graveyard Worms and Dirt dessert. This treat features chocolate cookie crumbles, layers of whipped cream and chocolate pudding with sprinkles, gummy worms, and Boba balls. This was a cool and creamy sweet snack, and is a lighter dessert option if that’s what you’re looking for. I am someone who specifically goes into Disney’s Hollywood Studios simply to make a beeline for a hot fudge sundae at Hollywood Scoops. My beloved hot fudge sundae usually leaves me feeling quite stuffed. The Graveyard Worms and Dirt will not leave you feeling overly stuffed, and would be the perfect sweet treat for a busy park day. It was definitely a fun and inventive option, and I would definitely purchase it again.


At Catalina Eddie’s, the Candy Corn Verrine features layers of cake, whipped cream, and pudding with a chocolate spiderweb garnish. The word “verrine,” as I understand it, means “small glass”. Even though this dessert takes its inspiration from classic candy corn, it is in looks only. Don’t get me wrong; this treat was yummy. The pudding at the bottom of the verrine is citrus flavored, and tasted somewhat like key lime. The cake was more of a vanilla flavor, and the whipped cream on top provided a nice cool and creamy contrast to the cake just below. We noted at the table that perhaps they could call this “Florida Flavors“ as it could be something that draws inspiration from the citrus grown in the Central Florida region. Regardless, this dessert looked like candy corn and was good. It’s also another nice treat that won’t leave you feeling stuffed.


Our second and last stop of the afternoon took us to Trolley Car Café (the Hollywood Studios Starbucks location) at the corner of Sunset and Hollywood boulevards. The Instagram-worthy Poison Apple Mousse sells for $5.29. This dessert is filled with apple purée, chocolate mousse filling, and a dark chocolate glaze coating all on top of a cookie covered with Oreo crumbles. This dessert is beautiful. Such care has been taken in the design and implementation of this treat, and it is readily apparent.


The apple purée pairs nicely with the chocolate mousse that surrounds it. It reminded me of a chocolate covered apple that you would get in The Confectionery on Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom. As you continue to dig through the desert, you will also discover vanilla custard. The shortbread cookie underneath the apple is covered in Oreo cookie crumbles and is quite good in and of itself. This, like the other treats we tried, is a cool and creamy dessert, but the Poison Apple Mousse stands head and shoulders above the other offerings. The bluish-black glaze covering the apple is flecked with gold, and it tastes as good as it looks. I would definitely purchase this dessert again.

Have you tried any of the Halloween-inspired treats at Walt Disney World this year? If so, please leave your thoughts and comments down below. I’m always on the lookout for another great treat, so please leave suggestions. Especially if the suggestions involve sugar.

If you’d like to virtually join Ryno and I as we tried the Halloween treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, click below:

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