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Disney Dining Plan Quick Service Breakfast – Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow

DDP Quick Service Breakfast - Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow The DIS 2017-09-08 09.35.24 HDR

There are many great breakfast table service options available at Walt Disney World for when you are a wanting a leisurely experience. However, for those days when you simply want to eat and go, eager to start your day, then a quick service meal may suit better. On the DDP a quick service meal credit entitles you to an entree and a drink. So on our recent trip to the Magic Kingdom I decided to check out the breakfast options available at two quick service locations and see how they compared. I chose the Main Street Bakery on Main Street and Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square.

I was using the Disney Dining Plan, so my aim was to find out the following in each location:

  1. What breakfast options there are available on the Disney Dining Plan using one quick service credit.
  2. If the meal I selected was a good use of the credit in terms of dollar value as opposed to paying out of pocket.
  3. The verdict in terms of taste!
  4. If the location was a good option for a quick-but-tasty breakfast to get your day in the Magic Kingdom started?

Main Street Bakery

Breakfast options available.

Main Street bakery (aka The Magic Kingdom’s Starbucks location) is located near the top of Main Street on the right hand side. As it is a Starbucks location, it will have many items that you will be familiar with; if you need your Starbucks fix, then this is where you will get it. The menu options available for breakfast will include pastries, muffins and fruit. Individually these would all be classed as snack credit eligible. There are also many breakfast-specific entrees including but not limited to a Slow Roasted Ham; Egg and Swiss Croissant; a Spinach, Feta and Egg White Breakfast Wrap; and a classic Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich.

DDP Quick Service Breakfast - Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow The DIS 2017-09-15 10.19.38 2017-09-15 10.19.38

Good use of a Quick Service Credit? 

Most of the hot breakfast entrees were between $4.45 and $5.99. I decided to try the classic sausage egg sandwich. If paying out of pocket this would cost $4.99. I also went with a Grande Moche Frappuccino which costs $5.29. This meant my meal would have come to $10.28 if paying out of pocket. In terms of value, this was pretty poor. At many locations a quick service meal can be worth a lot more. Some breakfast entrees alone can be over $10!

Verdict in terms of taste

Personally I love being able to get my Starbucks Frappuccino in the parks, and on the DDP all sizes are allowed so you may as well order grande! So this was a plus.

However, I was a little disappointed with the hot sandwich. It was quite greasy and although it did taste okay, it was nothing special. In fact, it was very similar to an Egg McMuffin meal you would find in McDonalds. Nothing wrong with a McMuffin but it’s also nothing new or special.

Location good or bad?

The Main Street bakery was extremely busy that morning. We queued for at least 20 minutes before we could place our order. With a stroller and hungry kid in tow this almost turned stressful — not a good start! To be fair, however, this is also the first quick service location you come to when you enter the Magic Kingdom so these crowds are to be expected.

I felt the meal itself was just okay and poor value as a quick service meal. So for me, next time I would stick to ordering my Starbucks Frappuccino and using a snack credit only.

There are no seats at this location; however, there are plenty of tables outside the plaza and Casey’s Corner so if it’s not busy in the park yet you could sit and eat there.

Before the park officially opens all guests are allowed into Main Street to shop, eat and watch the welcome show. So if you are in early then this is your only grab and go option.


DDP Quick Service Breakfast - Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow The DIS 2017-09-15 10.39.14 2017-09-15 10.39.14

Sleepy Hollow

Breakfast options available.

Sleepy Hollow is small counter service location located near the entrance to Liberty Square, just past the bridge. Sleepy Hollow is known for its waffles and funnel cakes. The selections are limited but also unique to this location. The quick service entrees available include a Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle, a Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with a chocolate hazelnut spread ($8.29), and an Egg and Cheese Omelet Waffle Sandwich ($8.99). This last option is served until 12 noon only. Sleepy Hollow also has a few snack-eligible items that include the classic Funnel Cake dusted with icing sugar, and the Strawberries and Cream Waffle.

DDP Quick Service Breakfast - Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow The DIS  P6180334

DDP Quick Service Breakfast - Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow The DIS P6180319 P6180319

Egg and Cheese Omelette

DDP Quick Service Breakfast - Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow The DIS  P6180317

The Mickey Waffle with strawberries and cream (snack credit eligible!)

DDP Quick Service Breakfast - Main Street Bakery vs. Sleepy Hollow The DIS 2017-09-15 10.20.43-1 2017-09-15 10.20.43-1

The Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with a chocolate hazelnut spread.

Good use of a Quick Service Credit?

I decided to try the Fresh Fruit Waffle with chocolate hazelnut spread. This cost $7.99. I also selected a fresh orange juice as my drink. This cost $4.29. The bottled orange was the standard sold through out Walt Disney World, so enough said. Combined, this meal if paying out of pocket would have cost $12.28. This felt like a better use of a quick service credit both in terms of dollar value and because of the portion size.

Verdict in terms of taste

The waffle was really tasty and filling. I enjoyed the fact that it was a little different from your average breakfast options offered. Unfortunately, it was also not the healthiest but it’s vacation time isn’t it? The portion size was very large so this could be a good option to share. All in all, I would recommend this entree especially if you enjoy sweeter breakfast options. Obviously this could also be enjoyed at any time of the day. Other members of our party tried the Ham and Cheese Omelette, and the Mickey Waffle with strawberries and cream (both pictured above and they were also delicious!).

Location good or bad?

Firstly, there was no queue at the time we went which was at 9 am just after opening. The ordering process was very quick and the food was ready minutes later. There is also limited outdoor seating here, so you may have a better chance of being able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast here.

The only major negative I have with Sleepy Hollow is due to its location; being in Liberty Square, it will only be open after the park officially opens. Unlike Main Street, which is open prior to opening to let people see the welcome show.

So Main Street V Sleepy Hollow?

I prefer Sleepy Hollow over the Main Street Bakery when it comes to breakfast meal options. Sleepy Hollow offers slightly different items you can’t find in many other places, there is outdoor seating and if using the Disney Dining Plan, you will feel like you are getting a better value from your credit.

If you need something on Main Street whilst waiting for the park to open, then my advice is to get a Starbucks coffee and a pastry or muffin. That way you are only utilizing snack credits and can then save your quick service meal credit for an early lunch. The quick service credits just aren’t good value here. For more information on the Disney dining plan and current prices click here.

Bon appetite

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