Is Maya Grill a Sleeper Hit? It Depends On What You Order!

Is Maya Grill a Sleeper Hit? It Depends On What You Order! 20230320_205954

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Is Maya Grill a Sleeper Hit? It Depends On What You Order! 20230320_215446
One of many art pieces to look at inside

On a recent mini-vacation, I chose to stay at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and had the opportunity to have dinner at Maya Grill. I’ve heard absolutely nothing about this restaurant, so naturally I had questions. Is this a good restaurant? Is this an overlooked restaurant? Good or bad, why does it seem nobody even mentions this restaurant? There is only one way to get some answers, so let’s go and see what it’s like for ourselves. Who knows, maybe we’ll uncover a hidden gem in the process.

Maya Grill is situated in the El Centro area of Coronado Springs, or as I call it: “old school Coronado Springs.” The original center of activity before Gran Destino Tower was built. It’s listed as a Mexican/Latino restaurant. “Savor the flavors of Mexico at Maya Grill.” What isn’t mentioned, and really should be, was the live instrumental music that was performed. A mix of traditional and Disney tunes, played at a comfortable level, to enhance the dining experience. It was a very nice touch to the overall atmosphere.

Is Maya Grill a Sleeper Hit? It Depends On What You Order! 20230320_211825
Chips and salsa technically salsa and chips but I digress

I decided to start with an appetizer of chips and salsa ($10). Naturally, I’m a little put-off by a Mexican restaurant that charges for chips and salsa, when you can go to your favorite local Mexican restaurant and be given the same thing for free. The chips were fine. Mine had a mix of big, whole tortilla chips, and smaller broken pieces. Some that looked like they came from a bag and some that looked like they were made in-house. The salsa was fine as well; it was mild. Something everyone could enjoy. If nothing else, this is a solid choice if you want something to snack on while waiting for your entrée. For an additional $3, you can instead have queso blanco, which I did not, but I would give it a try on a future visit.

Is Maya Grill a Sleeper Hit? It Depends On What You Order! 20230320_212746
It doesnt even look appetizing

Next, I decided to try what I would consider an actual appetizer: Southwestern Tortilla Soup ($10). Chicken, garbanzo beans, cilantro, cotija cheese, and tortilla strips, which then has chicken broth poured over it tableside. Sounds like it could be promising, but it was terrible. The chicken was kind of tough. I had full pieces of cilantro, which was awkward to chew. The soup overall was really lacking flavor and any kind of cohesiveness that would make it good. I would not recommend it. Beware the murky brown water!

Is Maya Grill a Sleeper Hit? It Depends On What You Order! 20230320_213412
Can you smell this picture

Perhaps a sizzling plate of beef fajitas will make me forget all about that soup. It certainly smells good! I chose the Sizzling Beef Skillet fajitas ($28) and as you can see, it arrived with everything you would expect when ordering fajitas. It had the peppers and onions. It had the side plate with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. It had black beans and rice. And, of course, tortillas. I could have used more cheese, though. Nitpicking aside, the flavor of this skirt steak was fantastic. Very nicely seasoned and marinated. It was cooked perfectly and wasn’t tough to chew. It nearly knocked my socks off; it was that good. This dish was definitely a good choice if you’re in the mood for fajitas at dinner. Or, if you don’t want beef, you could get the chicken fajitas (also $28).

Is Maya Grill a Sleeper Hit? It Depends On What You Order! 20230320_215630
So simple yet so good

When it came time for dessert, I was given a myriad of choices on the menu, but was recommended the chocolate brownie ($6). A warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. It was good. Simple, yet good. I wondered if a Mexican hot chocolate brownie would have been a more suitable twist here, but with the addition of chili powder to make Mexican hot chocolate, I’m sure that would be off-putting to the casual dinner guest. That’s why it’s a regular chocolate brownie, and a center piece, at that! As a whole, this dessert was rich and gooey, making it a simple yet solid ending to a nice dinner. This was listed on the kid’s dessert menu, but they let me order it anyway.

To answer my own question from the beginning: is Maya Grill a sleeper hit? Well, I wouldn’t call it a sleeper hit, but it is a good, solid choice for dinner if you’re staying at this resort. I’m not sure I would make a special trip here if I was staying elsewhere on property, but if I was staying here and looking at options for dinner, I wouldn’t dismiss it. There are certainly other things on the menu that I would like to try. The fish tacos were tempting, as were the empanadas.

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