REVIEW: Plant-based Pacific Island Burger from D-Luxe Burger

My current quest is to find different allergy-friendly options all over Walt Disney World property in hopes that it could help those with similar allergies or sensitivities. I feel like there isn’t much content listing or reviewing the different options on property, and I want to change that. I went to Disney Springs to try the plant-based option at D-Luxe Burger, and I wasn’t disappointed.

My View

Before I get into my meal, I want to shine a light on how beautiful the view is when sitting in the outdoor area. This area brings me such peace, so much so that I used to come here to study when I was in college. Anyway, let’s dive into the food.

Allergy-Friendly Menu Description

I ordered from the My Disney Experience app, but I noticed that they are taking walk-up orders. I prefer to order through the app when ordering allergy-friendly options because I can look at the allergy-friendly menu and double-check that it’s something I can eat. The Pacific Island Burger is a plant-based patty with cabbage and mushroom ragout, mango salsa, lettuce, tomato, and pickles served on a plant-based allergy-friendly bun. Unfortunately, I am allergic to mango, so I removed it from the burger. I did feel like something was missing from the burger to give it that island feel, and while eating, I realized it’s because that is what the mango salsa is for. I love mushrooms, so cabbage and mushroom ragout was my favorite part. I’m not sure which plant-based patty they use for this burger, but it reminded me of the delicious, Beyond Burger patties. I will say $12.49 for a burger that doesn’t come with a side or a drink I thought was a bit much. If fries were included in that $12.49, I would’ve felt differently about the price.

Plant-based Pacific Island Burger

When my food came out, I loved that there was an allergy-friendly sticker on the box. That sticker shows that it is an allergy-friendly meal; they also circle which allergy it is to ensure it’s made safely. The sticker does warn that they don’t have a separate kitchen to cook allergy-friendly food but that the kitchen takes steps to prevent cross-contamination. According to the sticker, they can’t guarantee that it’s 100% free of allergens.

Allergy-friendly Sticker

Now, will I come back running to this location for this burger? No. If it was my only option at Disney Springs like if I were in a rush, I would get it. I would come back for that view because it was peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of Disney Springs.

Have you ever been to D-Luxe Burger? Let us know in the comments.


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