What to Do When You Can’t Get into Beaches and Cream

Walt Disney World veterans know that there may be no better place on property to grab a burger and ice cream than Beaches and Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club resort. They also know that because of this it is very difficult to get a table, and since Disney has recently started accepting Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) for Beaches and Cream, it has been much more difficult to walk up and get a table. So what are you to do if you just walked over from World Showcase through the International Gateway and have a real hankering for some Beaches and Cream goodness, but are without an ADR, and they aren't accepting walk ups? Here are some options (in no particular order) that are all just a short walk, or boat ride away.

The famous Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink sundae

Go to the walk up counter If it’s just ice cream or a shake that you are looking for, just to the right of the entrance to the restaurant there is a walk up counter where you can order scoops of ice cream, milkshakes and malts, and other quick items. Some people have claimed that they have been able to order one of the amazing signature sundaes during slow times, but don’t count on it. This is only an option if it's ice cream you want, if you're looking for a burger or one of their sandwiches, you cannot get it at the walk up counter. Take a walk to the Boardwalk… Or take a Friendship Boat… Just across Crescent Lake from the Yacht and Beach Club is the Boardwalk resort, with many options for dining that don’t fill up as frequently as Beaches and Cream. On our most recent trip we were craving some burgers, but were unsuccessful in getting in to Beaches and Cream, so we strolled over to give Big River Grill and Brewing Works a try. We were able to be seated immediately, and we found the food to be pretty good. Sure we couldn’t get a No Way Jose sundae, but my mushroom-swiss burger was quite tasty, the kids were happy with the extensive kid’s menu, and we enjoyed the view of the Boardwalk from our table by the window. If you’re looking for sweets the Boardwalk Bakery has many options, or you can visit Seashore Sweets to get your ice cream fix! Head over to The Dolphin On the main floor of the Dolphin resort is The Fountain, a diner style restaurant that serves many of the same items as Beaches and Cream, plus a few more specialized items like Falafel and Gyros. They've got hand scooped ice cream, and even have a selection of signature sundaes as well. A lot of people don’t think about heading over to The Fountain, so you’ll probably be able to get a table without any problem! Think of it as a more neon infused Beaches and Cream! So the next time you find yourself pressed up against the window of Beaches and Cream like some poor character from a Dickens story, longingly staring at that lucky family shoveling a Kitchen Sink sundae into their faces, you now have a couple back up options. Who knows, you might even like one of these places even better!

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