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Disney Fab 50 Character Collection: Finding the Golden Statues

Disney Fab 50 Character Collection: Finding the Golden Statues poohstatue

The Disney Fab 50 Character Collection are golden statues that you can find around all four Walt Disney World parks. What a great way to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary! They’re beautiful, make for great picture spots, and are fun to find and look at. Perhaps your favorite character is part of the collection!

At first, I wasn’t actively trying to find the statues, and when visiting the parks I think I probably didn’t notice them. But then I realized I was passing them by and not actively trying to find the statues. I made myself more focused on hunting and locating as many as I could. If you don’t have a conscious awareness to be on alert for the golden beauties, you are missing out. I love a good scavenger hunt!

Disney Fab 50 Character Collection: Finding the Golden Statues figmentstatue

Here are some tips for finding the Fab 50, without spoilers!

  • The wonderful thing about not being able to locate a statue is using it as an opportunity to have a conversation with a cast member. I did that when I couldn’t find Tinker Bell, and a few cast members offered me tips and I enjoyed the interaction with them.
  • The statues are based on the size of the character. If Tink is a small fairy, then find a ‘small’ fairy. They are basically true to size.
  • Statues are located in all four parks. Some are concentrated in one area and some are just randomly isolated from others.
  • There are guides/maps online you can find to help you on your hunt if you want to have an easier time.
  • Take note of the pedestals they are sitting upon. Some are unique, and some have the 50th logo plated on their bases.
  • These make great photo spots for making memories!
  • Statues are appropriately placed. Animal characters are in Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom’s Hub has classics, for example.
  • Some statues are actually hard to find!! I was surprised many were hidden or placed in unusual spots.
  • Taking pictures or writing them down as you find them helps create a checklist for remembering which you found and which you have left to hunt down.
  • Two statues are often placed together on one pedestal, making them still two statues, not one. Technically, you are looking for 50 characters, not statues per se.
  • Look up. Look down. You never know where they are!
  • If pictures aren’t enough, you can purchase the Fab 50 statues ornament sets for the holidays (for kids, I would recommend a sticker chart if Disney is listening!)
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse topiaries stand in the center of the Magic Kingdom‘s entrance with a 50th Anniversary cake in between them. While they aren’t part of the Fab 50 golden statues, they are green with a gold bow adorning each of them. Like a bonus statue if you ask me!
  • You can virtually collect them on Instagram and tag them with  #DisneyWorld50.
Disney Fab 50 Character Collection: Finding the Golden Statues tinkstatue

A while back, Disney also announced that these statues would somehow be interactive. So more to look forward to in the 18-month celebration! I enjoyed hunting them down and taking pictures. I would have loved to have seen a Muppets statue or a princess, particularly Cinderella, statue. My favorite one was Stitch but I can’t show you the picture I took because it is for sure a spoiler!

What do you think of the statues and is there a character that you feel is missing from the 50? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

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