Disney Parks Fans: The Smithsonian Wants our Pictures!

Disney Parks Fans: The Smithsonian Wants our Pictures! MomDis2

The National Museum of American History is looking for people like us! That’s right, Disney fans! The Smithsonian wants us to participate in a future project for their museum in Washington, D.C. We can help be a part of this project by submitting our Disney photos, which I think is very exciting as loyal Disneyphiles.

While they do not specify what the project is, The National Museum of American History is asking that we submit photographs of Disneyland and/or Walt Disney World. Most any pictures will do as long as they are in WDW or Disneyland and they do not have cast members in them and/or other strangers that you cannot identify. High resolution is preferred, and “…the story of what the photograph and visit mean to you. When was the visit, and with whom? What feelings did it evoke for you?” It can be blurry, messy, and be from any time period.

Disney Parks Fans: The Smithsonian Wants our Pictures! boysdisney

I thought how fun it would be to discuss with each other what pictures you would send to the museum to be a part of this project. Now remember, we do not know what the project is and we do not have guarantees they will use our special pictures for their project. The Smithsonian for me has always been a place to visit that represents Americana and I would love to be a part of that history. They are interested in your action shots, your child sleeping in a stroller shot, iconic castle shots, etc. Whatever you want to send, they are up for it!

For me, I am overwhelmed!! I have so many, where do I begin?! My dad has an iconic picture of himself in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland in 1963. I love the handwritten note on the bottom of the picture that he wrote, “Disnyland,” because he can’t spell. I have photos of my husband and me from 25 years ago on our belated honeymoon with good old Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney World that I adore. The fact that I’m turning 50 in the same year Walt Disney World turned 50 is fun. There are always those pics as an awkward teen with my sisters in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and of course, those of my children and their many happy memories dancing, twirling, eating, and their many antics wandering the California and Orlando parks.

Disney Parks Fans: The Smithsonian Wants our Pictures! sabadisneyland
<em>Mike Bruckheimer in disnyland 1963<em>

What picture(s) would you consider sending for this project and why? How do you feel about those pictures when you look at them? Have a blast walking down memory lane and I hope you get yours displayed in The Smithsonian. Good luck to you all!

ps. If you’d like more info regarding the National Museum of American History’s “Disney Parks and American Stories” project, click here.

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