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Enjoy the Goofy Peanut Grand Waffle Sundae in Disney Springs

Enjoy the Goofy Peanut Grand Waffle Sundae in Disney Springs Goofy Treat

Have you ever had that feeling like something in the distance was calling your name? It could be the wind or destiny. Well, I felt that call over the weekend, and it seems what was calling me all the way from Disney Springs was the Goofy Peanut Grand Waffle Sundae. I kid you not; it all made sense as soon as I laid eyes on this glorious monstrosity of deliciousness. There is a celebration at the moment for our good, ole’ pal Goofy, who was enjoying a well-earned 92nd birthday over the weekend, and the perfect snack has arrived in Disney Springs to indulge in.

It’s called the Goofy Peanut Grand Waffle Sundae and is available from Marketplace Snacks, famous for its decadent waffle sundaes. This sweet treat features vanilla and chocolate swirl soft-serve, hot fudge, peanuts, sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, M&M’s MINIS Chocolate Candies, and a cherry on top. Yes, please; I’ll take four of those right now! While some of you might have already tried this menu offering, it was not on my radar until I saw this Disney Springs post! Now, I can’t stop thinking about it!

Let me know if this unique snack option starts calling your name the next time you are passing through the Walt Disney World area! And don’t worry, even though Goofy celebrated his birthday over the weekend, there is always time to cheers a delicious treat in honor of this lovable Disney character!

Enjoy the Goofy Peanut Grand Waffle Sundae in Disney Springs Goofy-Snack-Large

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