Let’s Take a Peek at Splitsville’s New Bamboo Bar!

Disney Springs’ newest bar opened this week, and it’s in a spot that might surprise you. The next time you’re looking for a specialty cocktail or frozen drink, head toward Splitsville Luxury Lanes in Disney Springs’ West Side, and head into the side alley.

In the alley between Splitsville and Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew, where you used to be able to watch the behind-the-scenes bowling ball return system, you’ll now find the Bamboo Bar.

The Bamboo Bar features plenty of outdoor bar and patio seating, and extends indoors to offer table seating as well.

The drink menu has a little bit of everything, and, if you’re someone who enjoys a refill drink option, you can purchase a Splitsville 20-ounce squeeze bottle that gives you access to $13 alcoholic beverage refills.

Guests may order off of the Splitsville food service menu while seated in the Bamboo Bar area. The interior features weathered wood and brightly-colored, vintage-inspired Florida artwork.

The Bamboo Bar sits in what used to be the area for bowling lanes 1 through 4, and offers plenty of seating options for groups both large and small.

Construction continues inside Splitsville as a new seating area is currently being installed.

If you get a chance to swing by the Bamboo Bar, please let us know in the comment section below what you though of your experience!