Eating Around the World in Epcot

Forget drinking around the world. Eating around the world is where the true fun lies! Every year when we visit Epcot, we end up booking both a lunch and a dinner reservation. There are just too many restaurants we want to try in the park! Later, when we are browsing through the World Showcase, and I see all the good looking pretzels and bakery items, I am frustrated that I am too full to try any of them. So, this year we decided to do things differently. We made ourselves pick one restaurant for a lunch reservation. The kids’ choice in Mexico won out! Then, for dinner we enjoyed snacking throughout the countries. It was one of the yummiest and most enjoyable things we have done as a family in Walt Disney World! Here were a few of our favorite country stops and snacks: Brioche 1. France definitely makes the list. You can’t go wrong with the chocolate chip brioche (brioche chocolat) and ham and cheese croissant (croissant jambon fromage). The croissant could also make a mini meal while still just using a snack credit if you are on the dining plan. The boys enjoyed the ice cream from L’Artisan des Glaces while we enjoyed the baked goods from Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie.   2. Next stop, Morocco! Because the Avengers eat shawarma after saving the world in the movie, my son desperately wanted to try it. We split a shawarma plate between the four of us at the Tangerine Café and also enjoyed some tasty baklava for dessert. By sharing, you can turn meals into snacks. We agree with Tony Stark, shawarma is awesome!   School Bread 3. Norway was the next highlight of our night. For years, we have heard people rave about the school bread from the Norwegian Bakery, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. After finally tasting it, we have to agree with all the fuss! If you love coconut and cream, you will love this snack. There are many other things there we plan to try in the future, such as the sweet pretzel with almonds and the ham and apple sandwich.   Pretzel 4. Finally, we couldn’t leave without a Mickey pretzel from Block & Hans in the United States. Don’t forget the cheese sauce!  

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