Even in the Fall Season, Don’t Underestimate the Florida Sun

Even in the Fall Season, Don’t Underestimate the Florida Sun mnsshp-2016-017

When you book a family getaway to Walt Disney World during the fall months, it is easy to focus on the exquisite Halloween decorations or holiday lights on Cinderella Castle. However, no matter what time of year you visit Walt Disney World, you need to plan appropriately for the Florida sun.

The average high temperature in Orlando in the month of October is 85 degrees. Remember, this is an average temperature, so many days will actually be warmer than 85 degrees. The average high temperature in November is 78 degrees. If you are not used to the sun in the Southeastern section of the United States, please keep these tips in mind:

1) Stay hydrated. This seems like a no-brainer, but you will be amazed at how many people fail to drink water while walking around the parks. It gets really hot, guys. The Southern humidity often makes it feel like you are walking around in a sauna. There is no better way to describe it. Don’t be foolish – make sure you drink something throughout the day, not just during meal times.

2) If at all possible, avoid caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. Most people know these drinks actually make you feel more thirsty and do not adequately hydrate you on a hot day. Don’t worry about the cost of water — guests are allowed to bring unopened water bottles into all parks at Walt Disney World. If your hotel room has a refrigerator, place some water bottles in the freezer overnight. Put the bottles in your park bag the next morning. It will only take a few hours for them to thaw, and your water will be cold, rather than lukewarm. In addition, all counter service restaurants offer free cups of ice water. No strings attached — you simply have to ask for it.

3) Wear loose-fitting clothing. Tight clothing will keep the heat closer to your skin. Loose-fitting clothing allows for better airflow.

4) Avoid dark-colored clothing. Dark clothes absorb heat from the sun while white or light-colored clothing reflects light and heat.

5) Spray your feet with antiperspirant before putting on your shoes and socks. I know this sounds crazy, but antiperspirant keeps your feet from sweating. Sweaty feet rubbing against shoes can cause blisters. Avoid the discomfort of both sweat and blisters by spraying your feet each morning.

6) Bring a battery-operated, handheld fan. You can get these at dollar stores or sporting goods stores. Gift shops in the parks also sell fans attached to water bottles that provide a cooling mist effect. The fans are lightweight, and can really cool you off while standing in line. Be prepared to share it with the guest behind you in line, though. They are likely to be envious of your portable cooling system.

Even in the Fall Season, Don’t Underestimate the Florida Sun mister mister

7) Use sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Seriously, folks. I live in South Carolina. I know. Sunscreen should be used everyday in the Southern states. That’s all there is to it. Don’t ruin your vacation by getting a sunburn.

8) Visit the parks early in the morning, if possible. Heat from the sun, as well as the humidity, intensifies throughout the day. Morning temperatures are almost always cooler than afternoon temperatures.

9) Wet several paper towels with cold water and wrap them around your neck or wrists. Blood vessels are closer to the surface of your skin on these two pulse points than on other areas of your body. Putting a cold wrap on these areas helps you cool down faster.

10) If you are staying on Disney property, don’t ignore your resort pool. All resort pools are beautifully themed, excellently maintained, and offer a fun respite from the hot sun.

11) Finally, if you suddenly feel exhausted or nauseous, sit down in a shaded area. If you feel you or someone in your party may be suffering from heat exhaustion, any cast member can assist you by calling for emergency personnel.

All of these tips seem like common knowledge. However, guests from other countries or cooler areas of the United States can easily underestimate the damage the Florida sun and humidity can cause. Be safe and be prepared.


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