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Holiday Treats From Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party That You Need to Try

Christmas has officially started at Walt Disney World! November 8th, 2022, was the first day of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and of course, we were there to check out the event. Craig, Ryno, Panda, and I went on a treat adventure, and I want to share our thoughts with all of you.

Christmas Tree Cake

Our first stop was at Casey’s Corner to grab the party-exclusive Christmas Tree Cake, which they ran out of 30 minutes into the party but quickly got more. The cake is a red velvet brownie cheesecake with eggnog buttercream and spiced caramel topped with mini sugar Christmas lights, and this is a brand-new treat. I did not partake in tasting the delicacy, but I did watch. Panda and Ryno shared this beautiful snack, and they both agreed it was terrific. They mentioned that the eggnog flavor came through very strong and that it was what made the treat so good. According to Panda, this is a treat you must try when attending the Christmas party. This holiday delight cost $5.63.

Once Upon a Christmastime Tart

This gorgeous-looking holiday snack over at Sunshine Tree Terrace was priced at $6.91 (after tax), and this is one of the treats I got to taste. This treat is made with a chocolate and cranberry tart topped with chocolate Mickey ears. The best part is that it’s new to the party. The cake resembles something that would come from Amorettes over at Disney Springs; it’s a pretty and delicate dessert. Like most things served at this window, it was a refreshing sweet treat and wasn’t heavy either. My only critique is that I wish they would’ve added edible glitter or a belt buckle to spice up the overall look of the tart. Panda also thought this was a great-tasting item and that it had a nice balance to it.

Curry Brat Tots & Tinker Bell Cream Puff

It’s time for tots! Over at The Friar’s Nook, there are TWO party-exclusive food items. Craig had been eyeing these brand-new Curry Brat Tots since the snacks were announced for MVMCP, so of course, this was a must-do. The tots were topped with chopped bratwurst, curry ketchup, and apple slaw. He did enjoy this snack but didn’t agree with the $11.49 price tag. When Ryno took a bite, he wasn’t impressed by the dish and felt it lacked brat and slaw. He said it seemed like they only put these ingredients on the top, making it an uneven dish.

We also ordered the new Tinker Bell Cream Puff, my favorite treat of the night. The puff is made with cream puff and compressed carrot cake topped with spiced cream cheese icing, spiced walnuts, and chocolate wings. I love carrot cake; I think it is the perfect winter treat with all those warm spices. The spiced walnuts added a nice crunch to the dessert, and the edible glitter added extra pixie dust to the presentation. Ryno and Panda both tried the treat and agreed that it was fantastic. The chocolate wings on top of the puff were charming, and I wish they sold it as a pin or even a sticker. I think the pricing of $6.79 is fair, especially since we were able to share it between the three of us.

Overall, all the snacks we had were satisfying, but if I had to rank them from best to worst based on everyone’s thoughts, this would be the list.

  1. Christmas Tree Cake
  2. Tinker Bell Cream Puff
  3. Curry Brat Tots
  4. Once Upon a Christmastime Tart

Will you be visiting Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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