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How to Prevent Disney Nuisances from Spoiling Your Vacation

How to Prevent Disney Nuisances from Spoiling Your Vacation The DIS Genie+1

From months of excited planning to attractions that bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, Disney World vacations are magical. However, as wonderful as Disney can be, like anything else, it is imperfect. There are many tedious, dare I say annoying, aspects of Disney trips, from the planning stage to the vacation itself. It can be difficult to endure these bothers but rest assured, there are ways to deal with them. 

Menu Changes

Many Disney restaurants, especially signature eateries, frequently undergo menu changes. It can be particularly frustrating when a restaurant removes your favorite dish. While it is impossible to keep menus from transforming at a moment’s notice, you can avoid the disappointment of sitting down at a table only to discover you have nothing to eat by checking menus before making reservations. This way, you can be sure your party can find something worth savoring at each restaurant. I’d also recommend checking menus as your trip approaches, so you know of any last-minute changes that may impact your dining experience. 

How to Prevent Disney Nuisances from Spoiling Your Vacation The DIS Narcoosee's1

Narcoosee’s, like many signature restaurants, changes its menu seasonally.

Florida Rain

Sadly, Disney has not created a way to control the weather, so the parks are susceptible to storms. It’s very likely rain will affect at least one day of your trip, a reality my family has dealt with on many occasions. Luckily, we’ve learned how to combat this issue. We pack light rain jackets that can fold to fit in our park bags. These don’t absorb too much space even in mini backpacks, and they’re much more effective than Mickey-branded ponchos, although ponchos will suffice if you are unprepared in a spontaneous monsoon. It’s also wise to bring umbrellas, if possible, to stay dry in light rain. Traipsing around the parks in squishy socks is tortuous, so wearing comfortable, waterproof sandals (or galoshes for the cooler months) is another viable option to avoid being soaked. 

How to Prevent Disney Nuisances from Spoiling Your Vacation The DIS rain1

Like Corey Fiasconaro says, a rainy day at Epcot is better than a sunny day anywhere else!


Genie+, the notorious replacement for FastPass+, is another nuisance that can mar the magic of a Disney vacation. My family has paid for this service twice, and, for us, it’s far from worth it. Making the reservations is stressful enough, as the times fluctuate throughout the process (by the time you create a pass for your desired time, say 10:30 AM, the window could have shifted to 5:00 PM). The payoff is pathetic (at Hollywood Studios, we were only able to ride two rides with the service, whereas, at Magic Kingdom, we rode three). Instead of paying a premium to experience a handful of less popular attractions, I suggest opting for Individual Lightning Lanes (ILLs). By purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane, you are guaranteed to skip the standby queue for a popular attraction.

How to Prevent Disney Nuisances from Spoiling Your Vacation The DIS Rise_of_the_Resistance1

As of this writing, Rise of the Resistance has an Individual Lightning Lane.

It’s essential to note ILL prices vary by day and by attraction, and they run from roughly $7-$18 per person, but that range can change at any time. Parks’ Individual Lightning Lanes also change semi-regularly based on shifts in popularity. You can find an up-to-date list of Individual Lightning Lanes on My Disney Experience. ILLs are especially useful when trying to experience new attractions. On our most recent vacation, my family secured an ILL for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind on two separate days, which was undoubtedly worth the cost for us because we are in love with this unique attraction! While this sister service to Genie+ has glitches, it is arguably a better value than Genie+.

I hope you find these tips helpful for your next vacation! Have tips to add? Please let us know below!

Katrina is a bookish writer and unapologetic Disney enthusiast. She can't imagine anything more wonderful than a day at the Most Magical Place on Earth with her family. When she's not occupied with her studies, she writes, reads, daydreams about wandering World Showcase, and wishes she were riding Cosmic Rewind.


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