If Disney Was a Relationship, Would You Break Up?

If Disney Was a Relationship, Would You Break Up? mayacastle

What a great time of year to reevaluate our relationships. And for us Disney fans, one of our important relationships is with Disney itself. It’s possible that right about now you’re questioning your partnership with Disney and where you two stand. It is possible, probable, that Disney may not have treated you nicely last year and you need to move on with other vacation relationships. Or it may be time to reconnect and cement what is an enduring love affair. Let’s explore…

It’s been almost two years since the upheavals in our lives, and it might be time that we look upon our relationships to discern those that we can trust, that are constant, and that give us back what we put into them. Equal give and take; a team approach. As we head into a new year, we all ask ourselves if this is the year we continue to make those 2022 reservations or do we go off and discover a new love, one that can give us what we need in changing times.

Specifically, many Disney fans have voiced upset lately over being overcharged, overpriced, priced out, and/or not being offered what they used to in terms of missing experiences that just aren’t the same or are completely disappearing.

Let’s ask ourselves the following questions:

Am I being taken advantage of? It’s possible you are feeling that Disney has been a one-sided relationship lately. They are taking, and you are giving. If that’s you, consider this question and ask if you feel like you are being taken for granted from your Disney lover, best friend, partner.

Is this an unhealthy relationship? If you feel Disney is manipulating you, that you are being swindled financially, emotionally neglected, always one-sided and used, this is a red flag for you to step aside. Find another who can offer you what you need. Perhaps Universal Studios is your new 2022?

Is Disney taking away my soul? You do everything right with Disney, but lately you are feeling like it is chipping away at the core of what makes a vacation. You no longer feel bliss, relaxed, comforted, or that you’re having fun. Instead it is stressful, unhealthy, and negative and you are left feeling exhausted from planning and enjoying your vacation wonderment. Feeling like you are being crushed by Disney gods is not normal. So either take a breath and make space and find a new way to enjoy Disney or leave the Disney brand altogether for awhile and then come back later.

If Disney Was a Relationship, Would You Break Up? couple-3581038_640

These three questions may help guide you to reflecting on where you belong this year with your Disney love. Let’s remember our WHY. For me, I am still “in a relationship” with Disney. I feel like I have choices; I know I can strategize and customize my needs and wants to enjoy this partnership. Do I trust my old friend? I do, cautiously. I know Disney is adapting, changing, and evolving. I will be by its side and ride it out together because ultimately I am happy. I will be watching its new leader with a side eye and missing the trusty one who left us.

Disney is still my happy place and completes my year. Sure, maybe I’m addicted; that’s possible. But I feel like I am still getting what I want out of this relationship and I want to see what’s ahead for us. It’s not perfect, but I am emotionally healthier for it. Are you?

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