If I could visit only one pavilion in EPCOT…

Where would you choose if you could only visit one pavilion at Epcot? For me, it would be the Land Pavilion. The land pavilion has everything; three attractions, a tour, a large food court for counter service, and for table service, a family style buffet with characters.  There is one thing that this pavilion does NOT have that may surprise you!


The Land Pavilion has 3 attractions. The Land is home to one of Epcot’s most popular attractions, Soarin‘. The Land is also home to the Circle of Life and Living With the Land Boat Ride.


This is an amazing ride that uses IMAX type screens, synchronized with dynamic moving ride vehicles, to truly make you feel like you are flying, with sights, sounds, and wind and, yes, smells. It’s one of the “must do” attractions in all of Walt Disney World.

Circle of Life


This is a seated theater featuring a 20-minute widescreen film with color commentary from the stars of Walt Disney’s The Lion King. The Circle of Life film stars the Lion King’s Timon, Pumba, and Simba and focuses on environmental responsibility. The film features both cartoon and live-action scenes. A great attraction, plus a great place to get out of the heat and off your feet.

Living With the Land Boat Ride

Sail through the greenhouses of The Land Pavilion on a boat ride. Cruise through the living laboratories of Epcot. You will see some of your favorite foods being grown: chocolate, coffee, vanilla, tomatoes and rice. Some grow on trees, vines and even in soil-less environments. See produce from around the world, some modified in surprising ways in the pavilion’s 4 greenhouses. Live eels, tilapia, catfish, freshwater shrimp and American alligators are also on display as you travel though the fish farm.


Behind the Seeds Tour

The Land has a great behind the scenes tour, the Behind the Seeds Tour. Not only is this a great tour, it’s also affordable – only $16 for kids 3 to 9 and $20 for ages 10 and older.  Tours happen every 45 minutes.  This walking tour is an up close look at the four greenhouses that are part of the “Living With the Land Boat Ride” attraction. Behind the Seeds is led by a member of the Epcot Science Team. The place to sign up is the counter to the left of the entrance of Soarin’.

Dining – Counter service and Table service

The Land Pavilion has both counter service dining and table service character dining. In my opinion, these are both above average for table service and counter service experiences.

The counter service is the Sunshine Seasons Food Court.

Being a food court, there are several different food stations where you can select from a wide variety of foods, drinks, desserts, and snacks. The drink fountains are customer accessible. That means to me, “refillability”, always a great thing!

The table service is the Garden Grill restaurant.

Located on the upper floor of the Land Pavilion, this restaurant actually rotates very slowly as you dine! As you enjoy your all you care to eat family style buffet, below you, you can see the Living With the Land Boat Ride!  You very slowly move through scenes such as a rainforest, farmhouse, thunderstorm, sandstorm and prairie.  This is also a character meal! Meet Chip ‘n’ Dale and other favorite Disney Characters as you dine.   Also, a lot of the food you will dine on, like cucumbers, Swiss chard, eggplant and sweet potatoes are grown right there in the Living with the Land greenhouses! The Garden Grill is now has breakfast, lunch and diner hours.

What’s missing?

The only thing is missing in the Land pavilion is a formal gift shop! I am going to call that a Plus! The only shopping in this pavilion is a very tiny area near the entrance of Soarin’.


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