New Annual Passholder Secret Treat at Sunshine Seasons Revealed

I’m a sucker for two categories of items at Walt Disney World: anything that’s created for Annual Passholders, and anything new that satisfies my sweet tooth. This week, Disney checked off both boxes at once as they debuted the Annual Passholder Secret Treat. The Secret Snack can be found at the bakery counter in Sunshine Seasons on the lower level of The Land pavilion in Epcot's Future World. Being that it’s a secret snack, there isn’t a sample for you to see in the bakery case. You must ask for it sight unseen. I love that. IMG_5226 The Annual Passholder Secret Treat is a gelato sandwich made with two perfectly baked sugar cookies and a generous scoop of vanilla gelato. The sandwich is rolled in chocolate crunchy pearls and topped with chocolate drizzle. IMG_5232 Be still my heart. This was so good. The cookies were just as you would hope they'd be: soft in the middle, and not at all mushy. The gelato was rich, creamy, and had vanilla bean flecks throughout. Be warned that there is no graceful way to eat this treat. It's everything you know an ice cream/gelato sandwich to be: delicious and messy. The sticky fingers are worth it, if you ask me. This is the only dessert currently featured at Sunshine Seasons that incorporates gelato, and it’s a great alternative to their standard - albeit delicious - cupcake and tart offerings. The Annual Passholder Secret Treat will be available until August 28th (while supplies last), and it costs $4.39 before tax.

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