Registering for a runDisney Race

We are entering prime registration time for the runDisney race season! The 2019 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend is now available and soon other race weekends for 2020 will open up. One of the big frustrations or worries of those looking to race in these events is registering for them.

In 2018 runDisney switched to a new registration system connected to your Disney account instead of using an account from a third party. This change has streamlined everything and made things a bit easier overall. I hope to clarify and answer some popular questions about registration that many people have.

Let’s start out with your account in general. If you already have a Disney account you are good to go. This is the same account information you use for My Disney Experience or any Disney-affiliated website. Disney has created some how-to videos to help with these aspects.

After you are logged in you are ready to register for your race! Those who are annual passholders, Disney Vacation Club members, Golden Oak residents or Club 33 members get access to register for races early. This typically takes place the Thursday before general registration, which typically happens on a Tuesday. For example, Wine & Dine Weekend early registration was March 14th, and general registration March 19th. All registration begins at 10:00 AM EST.

Your personal information should mostly be inputted once you sign in because Disney takes that from your Disney account. You will need to select which race or races you want to register for. You can register for multiple races at once. You can also register more than one person at once. Doing such registers them under your account, so if you register someone who wants to control their registration they will have to contact runDisney in order to gain control of it through their account — otherwise it stays under the account of the person who registered them.

runDisney will ask you for your shirt size as you do get a race shirt. As of Wine & Dine Weekend 2019 all races offer tech shirts in men’s and women’s sizes. Previously the 5K shirts were unisex and cotton.

runDisney also asks for an emergency contact in case something were to happen to you on course, as well as whether you are an annual passholder, first-time racer, wheelchair athlete, Disney Vacation Club member and/or a cast member.

The final piece of information before payment is anticipated finish time or pace. For the 5K and 10K you can enter your anticipated race pace. runDisney uses this to help place you in race corrals. For half marathons, challenges, and full marathons, runDisney will give you the option to submit a proof of time. If you want to be in the earlier corrals you will need to do this so runDisney can verify that you are indeed capable of keeping that anticipated finish time. If you don’t submit a time at registration you can update it later as long as you are before the deadline listed on the runDisney website.

As for payment, runDisney has a few options: credit or debit card, Disney gift card, or Disney Rewards card. Be aware that you cannot use two forms of payment for one registration. So if you have a Disney gift card you want to use it must cover the entire cost of registration, not only a portion.

runDisney races are non-refundable and non-transferrable. So in the event that you cannot compete, you cannot transfer that registration to someone else and you cannot get a refund.

Once registered you will receive an email from runDisney confirming registration. You can also log into your account on and see your registrations and edit them if needed.

A few other tips:

  • If a runDisney race is “on hold” it is not sold out yet, so be patient as it could pop back open at any time.
  • If you miss out and a race does sell out you are not out of options. You can check with runDisney affiliated travel agencies or charities as they may have bibs to purchase; however, those usually have requirements such as a certain length of stay or money needing to be raised for the charity.
  • runDisney also allows for pre-purchasing certain merchandise and cheer packages through the registration link. This can be done along with your registration or at a later date.

Join in the runDisney discussion on if you have more questions or comments!